More about Pierre Reldin

Hello again,
I’m delighted that you have found this page, it hopefully means that you have found this website and myself interesting enough to continue reading. Do you wonder who I am outside the professional life at work? I’m a proud father of two young boys. I love the outdoors, and one of my favorite things to do is hiking, sailing and skiing with my family.

My colleagues and friends would probably describe me as a passionate and hardworking entrepreneur and project manager, with a never ceasing drive to get things done. My passion is what drives me, a passion to do good things, at work and in life. I set high goals for myself and those who I work with, and I take responsibility and accountability for the delivery. That is my dedication. I have found my own way to balance work and recreational time, to find balance in my life, by separating the two. I have become rather good at working hard during the week and logging out on Friday to really care for my family during the weekend, to activate and relax by doing fun stuff such as discovering new hiking paths around Stockholm.

I have always liked writing and drawing, already as a kid, which at the university led me to join the student magazine and to work with graphic design and production for Holgerspexet and LARM, the career expo of the student union. Nowadays I find expression for my artistic creativity at work in the numerous power point presentations I do, here on the website and on the adventure blog the family has started.

Pierre Reldin outdoors

The blog reldinadventures started as a way to share tips and trix around hiking with small kids, mainly because I didn’t find a lot of information myself when me and my wife hiked 110 kilometers through the Swedish mountains during Fjällräven Classic. Now it has turned into a fun project, combing the interest of being out on small adventures, balancing the hectic life at work, and a creative urge to write and communicate.

Another fun project, which tells a story of who I am is VilleValla Pub. It was a truly entrepreneurial journey from idea to grand opening and onward, now past the ten year anniversary. I learned a lot about setting visions and goals, selling that vision and attract funding, motivating many different types of people, humbleness of my own shortcomings and the power of the team. I always had a firm belief in the possibility of success, regardless of setbacks we had along the way. It took a lot of hard work from a great team with an admirable dedication. We were smart enough to build a lasting organization, to think strategically from the start and not to be short sighted. The start-up project was over two years long and gradually evolved from just one individual, that’s me, to, at the end, involve around 30 people. We magically transformed the force within the entrepreneurial start-up project to build a long lasting organization and operating model, still working, still managed by the current students at the University, with no involvement from the starting founders. That’s something I’m really proud of.

  Chessboard at VilleValla Pub Swap shoe for a Kwak at VilleValla Pub Taps at VilleValla Pub

My professional career as Project and Program Manager started at CSC with a two year trainee program. I had the privilege to work on some great projects in Europe together with some of the best Project Managers in the firm, learning everything from fixed price estimation and delivery to building strong relationships and understanding people and cultures. I love complex projects were the solution is not obvious and thereby everybody needs to collaborate and together achieve more than the separate individuals ever could on their own.

I believe in people, I believe that everyone would like to do a good job. I believe that they like to reach their full potential and to be part of great deliveries together with other great people. Therefore, the most important job for me is to make that possible, to facilitate an environment where that can happen, to set the scene and give strategic direction and guidance. Something I strive to for is an open and honest atmosphere with direct and clear communication. A great example of this was the ERP and POS implementation at Naturkompaniet.

It all started with the remarkable insight by Tydab, that they would not take on the Project Management role, even though Naturkompaniet had asked for it. They also refused to offer a fixed price project. It was simply not their core competence, hence I joined the project. We committed ourselves right at the beginning to be honest and trust each other’s competence, be open for new ideas and to challenge one another. Big kudos to Naturkompaniet who was bold enough to change some major business processes, especially around procurement. The result was simply a much better solution. We limited the number of necessary customizations, increased visibility, data quality and process efficiency. It also resulted in a larger but realistic budget, which we delivered the ten months project spot on, in all aspects of scope, time and budget, with a very happy team.

Does everything sound a bit too good to be true? Well, this is me, for real. However, there are of course things that I’m less good at, skills to be developed and personal traits that I’m less proud of. That’s part of being a human, and to me the continuous development of oneself is an important and integral part of a lifelong journey, to embrace feedback and to reflect and learn from all of your experiences. I hope this have given you a bit more insight to who I am. Have I made you curious, do you want to know more? Just reach out to me. I’m always open for a chat and a coffee.