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Pierre Reldin

Project & Program Manager
I’m Pierre and I’m a passionate and deeply caring Project and Program Manager with extensive experience from delivering large and complex business and IT projects. I take responsibility for the overall solution and business fit, through a holistic approach that goes beyond the IT implementation, in order to achieve the real business effect and capabilities, to ensure the right business change and secure efficient IT operations. Read more about me...

Value proposition

My contribution.

This is the core of what I do and have been doing the last ten years. I love project management and all the challenges that comes with the job. To get together and create things that has never been done before, pushing the edge of what’s possible, delivering great business results. My experience encompass fixed price projects, T&T management, ERP implementations, and e-commerce.

Passion is what drives me. The idea to make the world a better place, the business a bit more successful, the team happier and the solution slicker. I strive for a higher purpose and meaning to what I do in order to tickle my mind and light my fire.

I believe in taking responsibility delivering the true value and not just a defined scope or a mediocre product and it is driven by my dedication and passion for what I do. But dedication goes beyond my own realm, it’s also about empowering the team and sharing the vision, creating motivation and get everyone else to share the same love and devotion for the endeavor.

One of my super power skills is to grasp complex situations and solutions in a short time, take a holistic view with interest for details, to communicate clearly, bring structure and order to chaos and building trust in teams and organizations. This has been very valuable numerous times when I have taken over trashed teams or projects in mid flight.

I’m a hard worker and I take great pride in my own and my projects delivery. At the end of the day, there is no way around achieving great results if there isn’t great deliveries. I was raised to keep my promises, it’s the honest thing to do and that’s just what a delivery is, on time and budget.

There is a difference in not knowing and knowing when not to apply certain structure and governance, when to tweak and when to adhere to process, when to be rigid or flexible. A curious mind, eager to listen and a pragmatic approach helps me navigate and creating efficient and valuable environments.


Things that I'm good at.

Project Management
Business Readiness